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All, who work at Mokveld Valves bv directly, and those, who are entrusted with the right to represent the company in the world market, can be proud of the company's product, and with good reason.

Mr. Yu.L. Rukhlov, General Manager
Mokveld Marketing JV

Mokveld Marketing, Ukrainian-Dutch joint venture, has been representing the interests of Mokveld Valves, Dutch company, for more than 20 years in the territory of the countries formed after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

More than 40 years ago this company made a breakthrough in manufacturing of valves and demonstrated to the world a unique concept of axial control and check valves, which, owing to their performance, allowed the company to take the leading position in the world market.

Axial control, anti-surge, choke, check and shut-off valves produced by the company are presently widely used in the most prestige gas and oil projects on all the continents, where gas and oil are produced and transported.

High reliability and efficiency of special valves manufactured by Mokveld Valves bv have been proved by the results of their operation in Russia, the USA, Germany, France, Norway, China, Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria, Japan, Brasilia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and many other countries worldwide.