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From the first day after the joint venture was created its staff has consisted of specialists, who are well experienced in designing, manufacturing and operating valves in gas industry.

New employees have been selected on the same principle. Newcomers were selected from among students of technical universities no later than 2 years before graduation paper defence. Therefore their practical training, courseworks and graduation papers were connected with their future job.

Each and all of the employees of the joint venture have been trained at Mokveld Valves bv in the Netherlands and carry relevant personal certificate issued by the company according to their specialisation.

Therefore, marketing research, negotiations, repair and maintenance of Mokveld valves in the territory under control of the joint venture are carried out without involving the Dutch specialists.

The joint venture is supervised directly by the President of Mokveld Valves bv.

There are 16 employees on payroll at the joint venture.

Management team of Mokveld Marketing JV:

General Manager - Mr. Yuri L. Rukhlov
First Deputy General Manager,
Director for Marketing - Mr. Vadim Yu. Rukhlov
Deputy General Manager
for After-Sales Service - Mr. Alexander N. Dikiy
Chief Accountant - Mrs. Irina A. Ulanovskaya