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Since the main activity of Mokveld Marketing JV is inextricably entwined with the expansion of Mokveld special valves market all marketing researches and market activities following them make up a clearly built sequential system. The main goal of this system is to show and demonstrate to potential customers high efficiency and reliability of Mokveld valves as well as to ensure failure-free operation of the equipment.

Therefore, the main activities of the joint venture are marketing and servicing, which make up a continuous production process, whereas each of these activities has its own sharply defined tasks.

The marketing activities include the following:

  • world market research related to study and analysis of promising developments and projects as well as strategic orientations and new technologies of oil and gas production, transportation and storage;
  • collection and analysis of information on design features and operation results of equipment manufactured by competitors;
  • analysis of regulatory requirements and operating conditions at facilities of potential customers;
  • the organization and carrying out of promotional activities for Mokveld equipment in the territory under control of Mokveld Marketing JV;
  • collection and completeness analysis of initial data received from customers for supply of valves manufactured by Mokveld Valves bv;
  • engineering works on the selection of valve type, including sizing and gas-dynamic calculations;
  • the organization and carrying out of technical and commercial negotiations with customers;
  • the preparation of contract documentation;
  • monitoring of production schedule and delivery time to customer sites;
  • the preparation and organization of participation of Mokveld Valves bv in international exhibitions.

After-sales service